The Last Great Cartographic Myth:
Mer de l'Ouest


(Last update: April 21, 2013)

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No need to deal with separate Addenda and Corrigenda.
Updates are seamlessly merged in.
Just download and run the update, and the cartobibliography is brought up-to-date.


The author and publisher will periodically release updates to The Last Great Cartographic Myth: Mer de l'Ouest. Though there is no fixed schedule for these updates, we anticipate that updates will be issued approximately once a year.

To update the cartobibliography to its most recent version, first check your own copy to see whether it is up-to-date. From the Table of Contents, open the Title Page. At the bottom of the title page you will find the update information for the version you are running. If the date shown there is earlier than the date of the latest update shown at the top of this page, then you should download and install the update.

The latest update also includes all changes from prior updates. Therefore downloading and installing the current update will bring your copy of The Last Great Cartographic Myth: Mer de l'Ouest up-to-date, regardless of which version you were previously running.

Instructions for downloading and installing the update:

You should not be running The Last Great Cartographic Myth: Mer de l'Ouest when performing the update. However, if you run The Last Great Cartographic Myth: Mer de l'Ouest from its original thumb drive, be sure that the thumb drive is inserted into a USB port on your computer.

Click on the Download Mer de l'Ouest Update button, below. This will download an executable file (named Update_Mer_de_lOuest.exe) that, when run, will update your version of The Last Great Cartographic Myth: Mer de l'Ouest. This download is secure. The update program is digitally signed, using Microsoft Authenticode technology. For most Windows configurations, you will see a notification from the Windows security system, just before you actually run the update program, that this program was published by MapRecord Publications, and this notice also serves to confirm that the downloaded program has not been corrupted since it was created and signed by MapRecord Publications. (You may also see one or two prior warnings, noting that the file you are downloading is an executable program. These are standard warnings issued prior to downloading any executable file, but these messages are not part of the more stringent security checking that Windows does when you download a digitally signed file.)

After downloading, run the executable file (Update_Mer_de_lOuest.exe). This will run a wizard that will quickly perform the update. The wizard will locate the thumb drive (or the hard disk location, if you previously installed Mer de l'Ouest to your hard disk) and you will be shown this location, so you can verify that the update about to be performed is being done in the correct place.

Once the wizard has completed, you can run The Last Great Cartographic Myth: Mer de l'Ouest and you will be running with the latest version of the cartobibliography. The Title Page will show the date to which the cartobibliography has been updated.

Click the button, below, to begin the download for the update dated April 21, 2013:


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