Antique Map Price Record


The Antique Map Price Record is now owned and maintained by OldMaps, LLC. Please go to the web site for information on accessing data about the antiquarian map trade (including the Antique Map Price Record data) that is available in this online database.


The Antique Map Price Record was begun in 1983 by David C. Jolly, who published a volume that combined data from the catalogs of 25 map dealers in the US, Canada and Europe. This volume (originally published under a longer title: Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts & Battle Plans - Price Guide and Collectors' Handbook) was followed by similar volumes, published annually until 1992. At that time David Jolly was succeeded by Jon Rosenthal as publisher (operating under the name of Kimmel Publications), and a further six volumes were published up until 2000 (mostly annually, but the last two volumes were published biennially).


In 2002 Jeremy Pool (publishing under the name of MapRecord Publications) succeeded Jon Rosenthal. At this point the Price Record was converted from a book format to a CD-ROM database format. The most significant aspect of the format change was the creation of a cumulative database: All data, from the first 1983 edition onwards, were brought together into a searchable, computer-based format. Ten annual editions of the Antique Map Price Record CD-ROM were published between 2002 and 2011. The 2011 edition (the 26th volume, overall, of the Price Record) contained 138,323 data records.


In 2012 Curt and Marti Griggs (operating under the name OldMaps, LLC) succeeded Jeremy Pool as publisher of the Antique Map Price Record. Because their web site ( already provided an online database of records of maps sold at auction or offered by dealers, the Antique Map Price Record data were able to be merged, in a straightforward way, into the existing database. The combined database, with well over 150,000 records to start, will continue to grow as OldMaps, LLC adds new data. For full information about this new, combined, ongoing database, please go to