Pelikan Fountain Pen Collection
(contributed by Joshua E. Danley)

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Field Name

Data Type

Description multi-line text
Condition at Purchase short text
(Image) image
Date Acquired date
Acquired fromone-line text
Price currency
Model short text
Number of Chicks short text
Boxshort text
Manufacture Year(s) short text
Trim Styleshort text
W.-Germanyshort text
Trim short text
Colorshort text
Nib Metalshort text
Nib Size short text
Filling System short text
Ink Capacity (ml) short text
Weight (oz) dimension
Total Length (in) dimension
Posted Length (in) dimension
Country of Origin short text
Gold Nib Appearanceshort text
Nib Markingsshort text
Nib Styleshort text
Limited Edition Number short text
SS Nib Appearance short text
Decade of Manufacture short text
Pen Type one-line text
Comments multi-line text
Series one-line text
Inked short text
Diameter (in) short text
Brand one-line text
Special Edition short text
Feed short text
Cap Top one-line text
Number of Pieces short text
Alternate Name one-line text
Collar short text
Gift short text
Current Condition short text
Custom Grind Size one-line text
Nib Ground By one-line text
Index one-line text
Refill short text
Cap Inscription one-line text
Ink Window Color short text


Picklist Name

Associated Data Field(s)

Special Edition (2 values) Special Edition
Gold Nib Appearance (3 values) Gold Nib Appearance
Refill (4 values) Refill
Inked (2 values) Inked
Condition (4 values) Condition at Purchase
Pen Type (4 values) Pen Type
Ink Window Color (10 values) Ink Window Color
Gift (2 values) Gift
Trim Style (4 values) Trim Style
Trim (4 values) Trim
Feed (3 values) Feed
Cap Top (6 values) Cap Top
Nib Markings (3 values) Nib Markings
W.-Germany (2 values) W.-Germany
Current Condition (6 values) Current Condition
Filling System (3 values) Filling System
Box (2 values) Box
Nib Material (7 values) Nib Metal
Decade of Manufacture (8 values) Decade of Manufacture
Number of Chicks (4 values) Number of Chicks
Nib Ground By (9 values) Nib Ground By
Nib (46 values) Nib Size
Nib Style (3 values) Nib Style
SS Nib Appearance (3 values) SS Nib Appearance
Collar (3 values) Collar

Click here to download this template (PelikanFountainPenCollection001.xml).

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