Gem Collection

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Field Name

Data Type

Asset Type short text
Model / Serial short text
Gem Variety short text
Shape short text
Cut short text
Phenomena short text
Weight number
Composition short text
Enhancement short text
Color short text
Transparency short text
Size short text
Metal type short text
Metal color short text
Metal Purity short text
Metal Weight short text
Descrip/Info multi-line text
Quantity number
Status short text
Image image
Origin short text
Date Acquired date
Certification short text
Acquired from short text
Price currency
Value currency
Label one-line text


Picklist Name

Associated Data Field(s)

Certification (8 values) Certification
Composition (9 values) Composition
Cut (46 values) Cut
Diamond Color Grade (GIA) (17 values) Color
Enhancement (13 values) Enhancement
Gem Variety (206 values) Gem Variety
Metal color (10 values) Metal color
Metal Purity (7 values) Metal Purity
Metal type (11 values) Metal type
Phenomena (15 values) Phenomena
Ring size (12 values) Size
Shape (28 values) Shape
Status (6 values) Status
Transparency (5 values) Transparency
Type (19 values) Asset Type

Click here to download this template (GemCollection001.xml).

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