Learning about Recollector

Demonstration and Training Videos

Using the Mac version? Most, but not all, of the videos on this page show the MS/Windows version of Recollector.
The Mac version is very similar, and you should have no trouble using these videos to learn about the Mac version.

All of the videos are high-definition (HD) YouTube videos. The videos also display well when viewed full-screen.

Jump to the training videos, further down on this page.

Introduction to Recollector
An introduction to Recollector
A video overview (14½ minutes)

A completely rewritten version for Windows (released June, 2017) (9 minutes)

Note: Updates to both the Windows and Mac versions of Recollector are made frequently.
These videos are updated less frequently, so some new features may not be reflected here.

The Recollector App
Watch videos of the Recollector App running on an iPhone, and iPad and an Android phone

The Recollector App on the iPhone  (6½ minutes)
The Recollector App HD on the iPad  (8½ minutes)
The Recollector App on an Android phone or tablet  (6½ minutes)

Training Videos
These training videos let you dive deeper into the details of using Recollector

Some of these videos were recorded a while ago, using older versions of Recollector.
So the look-and-feel and some features of the product may differ a bit from what you will see using the current version.
Please consult the Recollector User's Guide for up-to-date documentation of Recollector.

Install and License Recollector on MS/Windows  (7 minutes)
Install and License Recollector on Mac OS X  (9 minutes)
How to create a new collection with Recollector  (13 minutes)
How to create a new collection from an Excel spreadsheet  (10 minutes)
Some recently added Recollector features  (16½ minutes)
New! Managed Access  (13½ minutes)
Using Recollector's Image Gallery  (7 minutes)
Customizing the display  (12 minutes)
Setting up and using the Recollector App on a mobile device  (10½ minutes)
Creating and using subsets  (9 minutes)
Derived fields  (11½ minutes)
Editing tips and tricks  (14 minutes)
Creating hyperlinks  (19 minutes)
Creating and using field profiles  (11½ minutes)
Creating and using picklists  (14 minutes)
Generating printed reports  (11½ minutes)
Generating a web site  (15½ minutes)

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