The Macintosh OS X Version of Recollector

MapRecord Publications supports a native Mac OS X version of Recollector

Recollector on the Mac is not just a copy of the Windows version, it is a true Macintosh application, which takes advantage of many of the elegant features of the Mac OS X environment, such as the ability to open multiple documents (i.e., multiple collections) simultaneously, auto-saving of your changes, time-machine like "versions" that lets you go back in time, if needed, to revert to an earlier version of your collection.

The collection files created by the Mac version of Recollector are compatible with both the Windows version of Recollector and the Apple and Android versions of the Recollector App. So you can create collections on one platform and move them to a different platform.

Requirements: A Mac running version 10.9 (Mavericks), or later, of OS X.

Note: Recollector on the Mac takes advantage of many of the document-handling enhancements that Apple introduced with more recent versions of OS X. For this reason, the program requires that you be running version 10.9 or later of OS X. The latest version of Recollector has been updated to run under the latest versions of the Mac OS X (Yosemite: 10.10, El Capitan: 10.11, Sierra: 10.12 , High Sierra: 10.13, Mojave: 10.14, Catalina: 10.15 and Big Sur: 11.0). There is also a slightly earlier version of the software that runs on OS X 10.7 and 10.8.

Current Mac version of Recollector: 1.8.19

Do not be concerned that the version number of the product (1.8.19) is less than the current version number of the Windows version of Recollector (3.3.23). This reflects the fact that the Mac OS X version is a newer product. However the features of the two versions are being kept in sync, and the Mac OS X version has the same capabilities as the Windows version.

Download button

Follow the short instructions on the download page to download, install and run Recollector.

Note: The Mac version of Recollector, just like the Windows version, downloads as a demo-mode application. In demo mode, you are limited to a maximum of 25 records in any single collection. Otherwise the demo version is fully functional, and includes all of Recollector's features. A license key, which can be purchased at the Recollector Home Page, can be entered into the About Recollector window, which will turn the demo-mode copy into an unrestricted, fully licensed copy.

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