Solve problems and answer common questions about Recollector

The easiest way to solve problems is to use the Recollector help. Search the help, or browse through the help (starting with the help page on Using your Collection). Also, scan the list of commonly asked questions, below, to see if you can find answers to your questions.

If you cannot find the answers you need, contact technical support at MapRecord Publications:

     telephone: 1-617-661-3718
     mail: MapRecord Publications, 60 Shepard St., Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

Commonly asked questions:

Are there any restrictions on the fields that I can add to my collection database?
Can I change the order of fields in either the Item Details tab or in the List tab?
Can I change the style of text (e.g. bold, italic) in the Item Details display?
Can I get a large amount of text in a long text field to be broken into separate paragraphs?
How do I create a hyperlink that will jump from one record to another one when I click on it?
Can I get a larger text window in the data-entry/editing window, for working with large amounts of text in a single field?
I made some errors editing or adding data. How can I undo my changes?
Can I have more than one collection database?
Can I make changes to my collection outside of Recollector, by editing the collection file in a text editor?
Can I rename an existing collection?
Can I change the currency or dimension units that I initially specified for my collection?
How can I move my collection to a different location (or different computer)?
Will my collection be lost when I upgrade to the next edition of Recollector?
I added some jump-to links. But in the Item Details tab I don't see the links; the expected text is not blue or underlined. Why?