Recollector for MS/Windows 10 or 11 (also runs on Win 7 & 8)


Note: We ask for your name and e-mail address so that we can verify that purchasers of a Recollector license key have a valid, downloaded copy of Recollector.



After the download is complete, run the downloaded file (Recollector10Setup.exe) to install or update Recollector on your computer. Make sure that you have exited from Recollector before you run the Recollector10Setup.exe installation file.


Note! Some anti-virus packages may prevent you from running the setup program (Recollector10Setup.exe) since it is an executable program that has been downloaded from the internet. If you are unable to run the setup program, try temporarily disabling your anti-virus software, run the Recollector setup program, and then re-enable your anti-virus software.