List of Dealers in Antiquarian Maps

MapRecord Publications has provided the internet's most complete listing of antique map dealers since 2002. This list has evolved from the list first compiled by David Jolly for the Antique Map Price Record in 1983 and updated annually with each new edition. Since 2002 the list has been maintained at this web site and is updated whenever new information is received.


Currently over 400 dealers (and auction houses) that deal in antiquarian maps - either exclusively or as a significant part of their business - are listed here, with contact information, business practices (for example, whether the business has regular hours or is by appointment only), and areas of specialization.

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For new dealers, or if there are corrections or deletions, updating can be accomplished using our questionnaire.


The International Antiquarian Mapsellers Association (IAMA) is a professional trade organization for antiquarian map dealers.  Their web site has useful information for both dealers and collectors, and includes a group search engine devoted to the antiquarian map trade.