Bibliographies on USB flash drives


MapRecord Publications publishes bibliographical works in a unique format: on USB flash drives. Though tiny in size (a flash drive weighs less than an ounce), these electronic "books" have a huge capacity for text and imagery.


The word "bibliography" is generally taken to mean a descriptive list of books in some well-defined range (for example: all books related to military history published in the US prior to 1800). However, for MapRecord Publications, the term "bibliography" is meant to be taken more widely, in that the descriptive list can be of any kind of object, not just books.


Our publication format is particularly well suited for documenting items that are described by both text and images, since large amounts of high-resolution imagery can be included at very low cost - something that is definitely not the case with printed bibliographies.


The first bibliography published by MapRecord Publications is a cartobibliography (in other words, a bibliography of maps): Don McGuirk's The Last Great Cartographic Myth: Mer de l'Ouest. Follow the link to learn more about this work. Purchase of McGuirk's cartobibliography is also available at the web page.


If you would like to consider publishing a bibliography with MapRecord Publications, please follow this link: Future USB flash drive bibliographies.